Lifesten Rewards: Lifesten Health To Partner With Kuishi Smart To Bring You The Best Of Nutritional Healthcare

Nutrition is another key component of the Lifesten health ecosystem and with Lifesten health we will be encouraging you to engage in healthy nutrition as well and rewarding you every time you make an effort to improve your nutrition and wellbeing. To this end we are exploring a partnership with Kuishi Smart to bring you the best of cutting edge nutritional services, advice and consultancy to ensure that you are constantly improving you nutritional health.


KUISHI SMART is a values-driven organization that delivers high-quality dietetics and health services and believes in the power of nutrition and lifestyle to make a profound difference in the lives of people at risk of or living with non-communicable diseases. Kuishi Smart provides face-to-face and virtual nutritional counselling. Their dietitians assess and develop medical nutrition therapy plans that are client-centered and provide a plan to help clients treat and manage their health challenges.


With this partnership we will be bringing you top notch dietetics services to help you on your journey to improve your health. To fond out more about how you could take advantage of the offers and discounts that we will be bringing you through this partnership , sign up on our wait list via the link below:

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