Lifesten Rewards: Lifesten Health Partners With The Health Hub To Bring You The Very Best Of Fitness And Physical Health

Physical wellness and fitness is one of our key priorities at Lifesten and as you know, at Lifesten we want you to be healthy and we reward you for it. To this end we have been working to ensure that we bring you the very best of rewards and incentives to get you to improve your physical health. Physical health is a key component to improving your overall health and wellbeing be it by walking around the block, running, engaging in highly intensive home workouts, or working out in the gym. And so in order for us to ensure that you keep up with your physical health we have partnered with The Health Hub here in Kigali to ensure we provide you the very best of physical health and wellness.


The Health Hub aims to provide people with a safe space to start addressing their lifestyle needs, and give people the tools they need to start living healthier happier lives. the services offered are Physiotherapy, which primarily focuses on musculoskeletal diseases; condition related to the muscles, bones and nerves. massage therapy, where we offer a variety of different styles. Exercise therapy, which is done through one-to-one Personal Training sessions, Classes and Weight Training.


Our partnership ensures that we bring you the best offers, free passes and discounts to access the services offered at the health hub . Wanna find out how you could get yourself a free week pass at the health hub or how you could get protein bars and smoothies for free? sign up on our wait list via the link below:

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