Lifesten Rewards: Lifesten Health Partners With Nutrimed Plus Rwanda To Bring You An Elevated Nutritional Health Experience.

In our pursuit to bring you the very best of services in the healthcare space, Lifesten health has once again partnered with Nutri-Mediplus Nutrition cabinet to bring you services form the highest rated nutritionists in Rwanda. Food is medicine and nutrition is a key component to improving health and well being hence why we continue to focus on helping individuals monitor and improve on their nutritional health.


This partnership will ensure that users of Lifesten health are able to take advantage of the incredible services offered at Nutri -Medplus. Nutri-Mediplus Ltd is a nutrition cabinet providing nutrition education and diet prescription according to the client case. We have a dietary shop where you can find healthy foods and super foods.


With these partnerships we will be able to offer you nutritional consultations on various issues ranging from nutritional disorders, weight gain and weight loss, superfoods just to mention a few. You want to take advantage of this partnership, be the first one to know when we are live by signing up on our wait list via the link below:

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