Lifesten Rewards: Lifesten Health Partners With Imanzi Counselling Center To Bring You World Class Mental Health Services And Rewards

As you know, at Lifesten health we reward you for being healthy. We want to encourage people to practice healthy lifestyles in a bid to promote healthy living and prevent lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and mental illness. To this end we are constantly working to bring you new partnerships to ensure that we are able to encourage you to practice healthier lifestyles and reward you for it.



Our partnerships continue to grow and we are happy to announce that we will be working with imanzi Counselling And Rehabilitation Center to bring you services and rewards in the mental health and wellness space.  Imanzi Counseling and Rehabilitation Center is a wellness center that offers psychological health and wellness counselling to address various needs. Some of their specialized offers include career counseling, drugs and substance abuse counseling, body image and self-esteem counseling, corporate counseling, marriage counselling, relationship counseling and even massage therapy just to mention  a few.



We will be partnering with Imanzi Counselling Centre to bring you the very best of counseling and mental wellness services. To be among the first to benefit from these services and exciting partnerships, join the Lifesten waitlist via the link below:

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