Lifesten Health speak at Rwanda Israeli Fusion event

Lifesten Health’s co-founder, Peace Iraguha, was recently invited to speak at the Rwanda Israeli Fusion event held at Norrsken House in Kigali on February 8th, 2023. This event was a collaboration between 63 Inc and the Israeli Embassy, aimed at creating investment opportunities for startups in both Rwanda and Israel.



During the event, Peace Iraguha discussed the importance of leveraging partnerships between the two countries, supporting youth startup systems, and improving cross-country collaboration. As a healthcare startup, Lifesten Health has already made significant strides in improving healthcare outcomes in Rwanda, and through partnerships such as these, they hope to continue making a positive impact on the industry.


Overall, Lifesten Health’s participation in the Rwanda Israeli Fusion event is a testament to the company’s commitment to improving healthcare through innovation and partnerships. The event provided a valuable opportunity for the company to share their vision and ideas with like-minded individuals and organizations, further cementing their position as a leader in the healthcare industry.

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