Lifesten Health moves to the next stage in the Jasiri Talent Investor Programme

Lifesten health has been part of the Jasiri Talent investor programme for the past 6 months since June 2021. Whilst in the programme Lifesten health has been constantly under design, research and development. As part of the Jasiri talent investor programme Lifesten health accessed top notch global mentorship, hands-on coaching and real time feedback loop on the various iterations that we had towards solving the challenge of literacy and building healthy behavior that has been identified as a major challenge in the non-communicable diseases space.

Lifesten at the Jasiri Talent Investor Residential

Being part of this programme also meant being part of a competition that aimed at developing market creating innovations, simply put as innovations that aim t making what was previously inaccessible for the majority in the community, accessible and in an affordable way. As part of this competitive process Lifesten health was constantly being judged alongside world class startups and when push came to shove, Lifesten health was seen amongst the winning teams that eventually proceeded to the next stage of venture creation.

Team Lifesten

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