Empowering You to Be Your Healthiest

Make sense of your health habits, find the right care at the right price, make smarter choices for your health, and reach your goals with coaching and well-being programs — all the while earning rewards every step of the way. It’s simple with Lifesten .

Benefits to individuals

Help you set health goals

Lifesten health helps you set your health targets in a meaningful way that guarantees success and improvement of your health status over time. With a focus on physical activity, nutrition and mental health.

Track your health progress

With Lifesten health you can track your health vitals like calories burned, blood pressure and body fat levels etc and take note of your growth and progression over time.

Get personalized health insights

Personalized health insights are guaranteed through our cutting edge technology in artificial intelligence and behavioral learning enabling you to know your health status and how to improve it.

Earn discounts for achieving daily targets

For every goal you achieve on the platform you will be rewarded Lifesten points which you can redeem for vouchers, discounts and offers from our health and wellness partners and service providers.

Referrals and connections to the health and wellness marketplace

Lifesten health market place offers the users a unique opportunity to connect  with verified and leading health and wellness service providers, taking advantage of the  Lifesten list of certified health and wellness providers.

Unique focus on mental health.

Lifesten health has also adopted a unique focus on mental health as a fundamental component to human health and has worked with leading experts in the field to help you not only measure your mental health status, but  also find solutions and suggestions to make it better.

Setting Goals for Optimal Health

Lifesten encourages small, achievable steps toward healthy, lifelong habits.

Personalized Recommendations

Build small, achievable healthy habits with activities and well-being programs that fit your needs.

Tracking and Rewards

Monitor your goals and get rewarded every step by syncing your fitness tracker and tracking your progress.

Preventive Care Guidance

Learn how to improve your health and prevent lifelong non communicable diseases. Prevent diseases and improve your health with Lifesten.


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Learn about healthy living, engage in healthy living, complete daily challenges and get rewarded every time with Lifesten points that you can redeem for goods and services anytime!