Lifesten Workplace

Inspiring healthier and productive workplaces one task at a time

All companies want happy, healthy and productive employees. It’s simple and rewarding for your employees to manage their own health care with Lifesten.

We help them understand the health, and productivity benefits of being healthy, we show them how to make smarter health choices through a variety of health and well being activities.

Lifesten Workplace enhances productivity

Creating a culture is focusing on each individual

Creating a Culture of Well-Being

Lifesten  Workplace provides the modern workplace employees the freedom to curate their health journeys through engaging with fellow colleagues in a fun filled platform and get rewards , discounts and coupons for being healthy

Lifesten Workplace Benefits

We make it easy for your workplace  increase its productivity and maximize your profits and impact.

Increase workplace productivity

Join the Lifesten workplace program to improve productivity across the workplace with tried and tested methods aimed at improving health, motivation, and creativity at the workplace.

Improve company outlook and branding

With your workplace enrolled as part of the Lifesten workplace plan, you join a distinguished list of the Lifesten workplaces that have also prioritized health, wellness and productivity as part of the company’s blueprint for success and quality for its employees.

Improve employee retention rate

Employees love to work where they are happy, healthy and productive and with the Lifesten workplace programme you can achieve all three ensuring you employees are properly motivated, equipped and able to take lead of their health even at the workplace with the Lifesten workplace incentives and plans.

Improve the workplace health

Workplace health is important for productivity, progress, and profits. With Lifesten workplace programme we ensure that the workplace is properly supported and healthy enough to deliver on their objectives and results.

How Lifesten Works

Our partners ensure you are healthy, fit and at peace.