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Who We Are

Improving Lifestyles.

One individual at a time.

Lifesten Health LLC is a health tracking and management company that offers incentive-based wellness programs that creates experiences that empower you to achieve your health goals in a fun, exciting and rewarding manner.

We empower individuals and teams to take control of their health through our exciting health challenges, Workplace wellness programmes and creating pockets of empowering communities to help and motivate you along the way to achieving your health targets.

Our approach to health and wellness is a wholesome approach with our focus being the integration of physical health with nutrition and mental wellness. We collaborate with certified healthcare providers, fitness and wellness centers to develop personalized health plans and challenges to engage our consumers and alleviate their risk of getting lifestyle diseases.

The company’s flagship health app is Lifesten Health®, a digital health platform that delivers web and mobile solutions to help people manage their nutrition, mindfulness, health and well-being.


Our Team

Meet the Team

Stephen Ogweno
Stephen Ogweno Chief Executive Officer
Peace Ndoli
Peace Iraguha Chief Operations Officer
Extensive background and work experience in the non communicable diseases space.
Diverse background in nutritional health and Non Communicable Diseases

Our Core Values


Loyalty to our customers.

We are first and foremost loyal to what our customers need to improve on their health.


Integrity to our investors and community.

We are driven by honesty in all our operations in and out of our work.


Focused on the long term.

We recognize and encourage healthy living is a lifelong commitment  for individuals.


Exciting and fun Always.

Our goal is to make health the new cool and make it fun and exciting to be healthy all the way.

Stephen's Story

Stephen Ogweno

Steven’s story is one of resilience, innovation and vision for what Africa’s health care will look like. But before we go into the details of our future, lets explore a bit of our history.

We cant really start our story before starting with that of our cofounder and CEO, Mr Ogweno Stephen. 

Ogweno was born with childhood obesity and if statistics were anything to go by by the age of 18 he was supposed to have had full blown obesity and by the time he was 25 developed high blood pressure and by the time he gets to 35 developed type 2 diabetes.

But luckily for him, this was not the case since he had people close to him who understood this disease and who helped him develop a healthy lifestyle and nudge him back to health.

It’s with this backdrop and realizing that for many individuals and families across Africa and the world we know someone or have lost someone to non communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and chronic lung diseases like asthma, that we set established Lifesten Health in 2021 to solve the biggest elephant in the room. That is lack of literacy on these diseases and poor living habits among our communities.

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What the team has been upto as Lifesten

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