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Lifesten is a digital health experience that enables you to make simple changes in your daily activities, set healthy goals, track your results online and reward you for it.

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The Lifesten Onboarding process

Sign up on the Lifesten platform

Follow up on diets and activities

Accrue points through challenges in the app

Redeem your points through our partner networks.

We recognize that we cannot reach everyone in person to educate them about non communicable
diseases and encourage healthy lifestyles but with the help of digital technologies we can. 
And that is why we are developing Akei, our cross platform digital lifestyle assistant who is directly accessible to you across all digital platforms (feature phones, smart phones and on the website) on the Lifesten health Application suite.
Akei will help you make sense of your symptoms, determine whether you need a referral or not, help you access referral options, educate you on these diseases, help you make sense and track your health diagnostics.
More than that Akei, who will be hosted on Lifesten’s digital eco system will help you intentionally improve your health habits through our our many health challenges and get you rewarded for being healthy through receiving discounts, and health points that you can convert to buy health products and 


Some of the amazing discounts and offers you are likely to get is discounted gym memberships, access to healthy supplements, access to online medical consultations and to healthy retreats like spa and sauna sessions

Change your status from
I think am healthy to
I know am healthy.